Youth Program

Our House is a stimulating Saturday Program for youth ages 4-17.  The program is designed to enrich youth’s lives, expand their vision, build their potential and increase their self-awareness.

The Our House Saturday experience will present our youth with the opportunity to grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally in a safe and nurturing environment. The heightened awareness and involvement of parents and family is the key to the optimal success of each child’s participation in the program.

The Our House Experience

A well-rounded Saturday experience leads to the development of our empowered young leaders.  A working knowledge and understanding of their own history grounded in a loving and positive Christian environment provides them with a strong foundation.

This year’s activities include field trips, missions activities and the Our House Theater Company.  There is an Our House activity at least once a month throughout the year.

Please join us this year at Our House and help us make it an exciting program which promotes a positive, educational, Christian atmosphere for the youth of Florida Avenue Baptist Church.

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