Mourning in America

Mourning in America

The 1984 presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan produced a now iconic commercial that began with the words “It ’s morning
again in America.” In one minute it captures the renewal of the American dream. It has been called one of the 10 best political commercials.  View it
YouTube. Notice there are no dark people.

Mourning in America

It’s Mourning in America Again.

Bring out the black cloth

The clothes worn from too much wearing,

Too much weathering through all seasons:

Spring hope never reaching full flower

Summer heat with its skin blistering rage

Fall colors, yellow, brown,red,

But never poke-a-dot

Winter grief that never seems to thaw.

They’re all the same if measured by weight.

It’s Mourning in America


Print up the T-shirts

with the face of the faceless.

At least for a few moments we’ll see them

before we press and fold

and put

it with the others

in the memento drawer,

the box under the bed,

the back of the closet

or wherever we put them

meaning never to forget.

It’s Mourning in America


Schedule the prayer vigils,

The unity service,

find the candles we used last time.

Whose choir is going to sing?

Maybe a mass choir if we have time to rehearse

No Choir

Let the public sing,

A chorus of Amazing Grace

Everyone knows that by now.

Maybe the President will lead it off,


It’s Mourning in America


Wrap the badges in black,

Bring the bag pipes for the procession

Trumpet for taps at the grave site

And the guns

Don’t forget the guns

21 of course for the final salute

How about just one that can fire 21 shots?

No, that’s in poor taste.

Get the guns

the more the better.

It’s Mourning in America


Who will bandage the grieving who knew them best

Who will sit with them when the video is shown for the 50th time,

On the first anniversary, the second, the third….

Who would guess that grieving tears could last that long.

It’s Mourning in America


and Again

and Again

and Again

and Again

and Again

and Again…

Until that monochromatic Morning in America

Is laid to rest.


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